Generally, MIA is classified by find more information the UN as level II in terms of security preparedness it is peaceful. Nevertheless, At the Airport Hotel and Conference, we offer high standards of security and we continuously strive to protect all our guests and clients.
As a requirement, we ensure that all guests checking-in have been vetted by AMISOM.

Our security team are high trained and vetted by AMISOM security, Most of our guards are ex-military from Uganda and Kenya. Our security teams are well trained to protect our guest. They are fully engage 24/7 the protection and safety of our clients.

The compound well secured and monitor outside by AMISON security. Our location ideal for all the travels doing business in Mogadishu International Airport (MIA)
Our ground team will meet and great our customers as soon as they landed in Mogadishu, making smooth transfer to our hotel.
All our teams are well vetted by UN and AMISOM, making easy to access all the camps.
The Safety and safety for all our guests remains to be a top priority.

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